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16 March through 18 March 2022 : Collective Astrology|| This Could Get Frustrating...

Overthinking everything, and going down WAY too many 'rabbit holes'? Same, boo, same.

This is going to be a frustrating couple of days.

It's really starting to feel like your head vs your heart in everything you're trying to do, and especially decide.

Choices you've made in your life up to this point are coming back up, but there is a reason for this: look at the different paths you have gone down, and where you must now go. You're done with wasting time -

Ground yourself & than step by step see how things reflect the bigger picture of what you want, and where you want to end up. Break down the past, and look at each step and where it led you to... was it the right choice or the wrong choice? We are meant to learn from our past and mistakes, not beat ourselves up for the rest of our lives and live with constant regret or shame.

Make sure to not avoid or distract yourself from what's going on: you need to face this head on, and not cloud your own vision or overly confuse yourself. TAKE. THIS. SLOW. be mindful of your limits (totally ok to push/test them -- but don't overdue yourself and burn out or shut down). Observe how you feel throughout this, and write it down.. than look at all of it as a whole, and what similar themes & patterns you've been going with - even just with your thought patterns... it's time to break down old patterns that no longer work or benefit us, and time to double down on the ones that don't. You'll be happy in the end, I swear - don't get too frustrated, boo. xx HippieWarCry

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