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Figure Out What Those Random Feelings Mean

#june1 to #june3 2022 We're feeling a little more sensitive than usual, but mama didn't raise no b*ish, so wtf is going on?

That urge you're getting to #slowdown? Listen to it! It's there for a reason, boo boo. If you don't, you're going to be feeling very overwhelmed. This is all happening for a reason: it's time for you to see your energetic limitations, and respect them. Also it's time to grow more emotionally intelligent, attuned, and self-aware. * Mercury Retrograde comes to an end JUNE 3 2022


  • Create a space to decompress

  • Journal/ Let it OUT! (healthy ways only)

  • Observe your emotions with 0 judgement


  • Use distraction/avoidance techniques

  • (like chugging alcohol until you black it out)

  • Ignore how you feel

  • Explode


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