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Sh*ts About To Feel OFF

From today (June 12th) to the 14th —

Buckle in, and PAY ATTENTION boo boo, because we’re in for a damn ride.

Before I say this, please know if you are not feeling this way - super, I love it - but the chances of a lot of people around you (especially close to you) feeling this way.. it’s at an absolutely high percentage, so please keep it in mind, especially when interacting with other people (thank me later babe)

|| we’re going through a period of feeling.. odd: having a hard time communicating how we feel, and feeling very blocked & restricted. everyone around us is coming off SUPER provacative & combatitive. ||

You're going to be thinking “why does everyone want to push me?” “Everyone wants to fight me..” they don’t. This entire situation and time period is purposeful.

We’re moving into higher & brighter emotional intelligence and understanding (Queen of Cups vibes, babes)

here’s some dos and donts for the next few days:


  1. Introspection & self-realization: why do you feel mad? why are you upset? Does anything in this situation remind you a past experience ?

  2. positive outlets: journaling, music, gym- babe idc if you scream in a pillow and punch a mattress - just don’t hit anyone in real life.

  3. How can you feel these emotions & than use them for good (think of it as using them for fuel towards something good)


  1. hit anyone/ start any fights (even if they’re begging for it) take a breathe & walk away - thank me later

  2. bottle it up or push it off.

  3. avoid/escape how you feel— put down the freaking alcohol boo boo.

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